No VLAN-Support on Netgear R6260 Snapshot anymore?

Hi there, I have a Netgear R6260 and used that some months with the recent snapshots. Some weeks ago, the VLAN support (Network - Switch Section in LuCI) was disappeared after installing a new snapshot. Unfortunately, I didn't notice from which version I upgraded and so had no chance to go back to this older version.
Is there no LuCI-VLAN-Support at all in newer Snapshot releases or has VLAN Support been dropped in general on R6260? I appreciate any hint and will upload every log that's needed to catch the bug :slight_smile:
Fortunately, it is no longer my main router so I'll be able to do some testings if needed :slight_smile:

Looks like your target switched to DSA, which is not supported by LuCI.

You're right! And seems that DSA is very limited as there is currently no vlan and LuCI support...

You can still create VLANs, but not in LuCI.

Some vlan DSA config still can be done via LuCI Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

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Maybe this helps?

This is a very good starting point for the DSA VLAN config. Unfortunately, the linked post is not fully a "Configure VLAN via LuCI" manual. Nevertheless, you may start with this post as its a good source for many useful OpenWrt knowledge, sometimes a bit messy but very useful :wink:

You're absolutely right. Mea culpa, I overlooked that before!

Yes of course and thanks for the hint to that. I'm familiar with the shell but it's still a kind of a disadvantage compared to the old implementation. Don't get me wrong, there must be several good points for the switch to DSA but the easy VLAN management via LuCI is really helpful in these days when you connect "foreign" (e.g. your employers) devices to your home network and can separate the easily from your private ones. Looks like it's still a long way to the top of DSA on LuCI: here

The basic device isolation should be pretty easy. I.e. it is easy make each LAN port isolated. But yeah, once you are into the advanced stuff and want to use a managed switch, then things get less trivial.

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You're right, but as you suspected DSA support in OpenWrt is still very fresh. I'm sure at some point LuCI will catch up but it will need some time.