No 'unmanaged' option when creating new interface with latest snapshot

Hi everyone
I am using a gl.inet VIXMINI, not supported by any stable releases so I have to use snapshot builds and update the firmware everytime I want to install some new opkg package.
Today was a sysupgrade day, I updated to OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11006-713561a10b / LuCI Master (git-19.255.70868-d0e2ef3) in order to try travelmate. It was all fun and giggles until I went to reconfigure my VPN and got to a stop because no matter what I tried, I couldn't create a new interface with 'unmanaged' as description for the tun0 adapter
I used to have my VPN setup all good just before updating, now I'm completely stuck without the ability to create this interface
Has something changed ? How can I get around this ? Am I missing something obvious ?
Thanks in advance for your help

Odd, it's present in LuCI Master (git-19.246.62933-f9074ad) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10960-641f6b6c26...

Yeah I know it's driving me mad....

The problem you are having also breaks other connection scenarios with an "unmanaged" device/interface, like Batman.
I noticed this also yesterday, and posted a few hours before you to the Developers Forum.

Yes definately the same issue. Do you reckon just wait and it will be back to normal soon in a new snapshot ?

Fixed in

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By any chance, did it break Rx and Rx stats?



LuCI Master (git-19.273.39907-b7ee57a) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11148-6077cde98a

Not in my case, stats are OK


OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11027-f39f4b2f6d / LuCI Master (git-19.257.56672-2e20686)