No sysupgrade.bin available for Netgear WNDR3400-- only squashfs.chk listed

Hello all, on the device page for the Netgear WNDR3400 there is no sysupgrade.bin listed (, only the same .chk file used to initially flash the device. There are no other instructions on the wiki on what to do in this specific case. My router is on Chaos Calmer 15.05.1-- pre-LEDE merge. Thanks in advance.

What installation instructions are you following that require a sysupgrade.bin for this device?

I am trying to upgrade versions, not install OpenWRT. There are no instructions for upgrading versions on the WNDR3400 page, only first-time flashing/installing.

I am using this wiki page for instructions on updating versions:

There are two common upgrade paths to actually perform the upgrade. One uses the LuCI web interface “Flash new firmware image” command and one uses the command-line sysupgrade command. Both use the same '…sysupgrade.bin' upgrade file (more below). You can use either approach.

In most cases, platforms that support sysupgrade, have a downloadable image labelled “…-sysupgrade.bin”

This hint at 'most cases' is the only brief mention that there is another possibility for upgrading without a sysupgrade.bin, but there is no mention of a .chk file in this article, nor any of the other updating articles.

New versions of sysupgrade use the .chk file. So there is no such thing as a sysupgrade file for that model.

If that doesn't work with 15.05, revert to stock then make a new install. It should have CFE web recovery or you can use the tftp process on the device page, which requires serial.

Thanks for the clarification (perhaps it should be added to the wiki?).

I upgraded with the sysupgrade steps listed on the upgrade article and it worked without any issues.


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