No SSH access WR1043ND v1.9

I might have bricked my router (again :wink:) . However at the moment I don't have access to a serial console to fix it.

According the the "power" LED I should have gotten the device into "failsafe mode". Its flashing faster then normal. Trying to SSH into the router still gives me "connection refused". Of course I messed up Luci in the process so I'm only getting "bad gateway" over http.
It´s not death. It works, in the sense that it hands out IP over DHCP and I can access the internet on the WAN side.

Any suggestions, besides get a serial cable?? It doesn't seem to have the TFTP option in its bootloader.

some additional info: I flashed my own build. Same build enviroment as I´m using with my MT76xx devices, but I wanted to try my TP Link routers as well.

The same "side effects" I had on an Archer C7 v4, but that one is recoverable over TFTP. My MT76xx builds never showed this behaviour...

You can set up a TFTP server on an attached computer...

In your case, you would rename the LEDE firmware file wr1043ndv1_tp_recovery.bin

I tried that. Didn’t work. Like I said, TFTP recovery works on the Archer C7. Same procedure, different file(name) obviously.

I was more hoping along the lines of failsafe mode and get SSH working.

If you can't get into failsafe, and can't TFTP from an attached computer, serial is about the only option left.

Good luck.

That’s the thing. According the fast flashing LED it should be in failsafe mode. But for some reason SSH is not enabled. I guess the only way to know for sure is using a USB TTL cable.