No software, no firmware?

I have a: SVVG6000RW router
Model: AWF-5G
This router runs on: OpenWrt Barrier Breaker unknown / LuCI Trunk (svn-r10457)
Kernel Version: 3.10.44.

If I want to use this router as a WiFi repeater, I will create a new interface at Network> Interfaces. Then I want to choose Relay Bridge at Protocol. However, this one is not listed.

If I want to set up OpenVPN from ProtonVPN, I have to click Update Lists at System> Software. Unfortunately this does not work, because I get the message:

wget: bad address ''
Collected errors:
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 1.

I do have openvpn-openssl pre-installed, but no luci-app-openvpn is not in the list. For this I have to update it first. Unfortunately, this is also not possible.

I thought: The firmware may be outdated. I estimate that this is also the case. However, the following problem: the model AWF-5G is not listed in the Hardware Table.

In other words: I can't do anything with this router, for which I bought it. I want to set up Proton VPN (OpenVPN) and OpenDNS as an access point with a stronger signal than the official router that is boarded up by the ISP.

Who will help me out with these problems. It would be a relief if someone could fix this with me. I combed Google and came across many options, but eventually I get stuck with one or more of the above mentioned problems.

I am desperate: Please help.

That may be a manufacturer build. And it is very old.

Is the hardware identical to ZBT WE-826, WE-3526 etc? Those are supported models.

I'm not finding any references to either code or model names in the OpenWrt tree. That suggests that what you are running is just some vendor fork or SDK. Did you install the software yourself at some point? Or is this vendor software? If it's the former you might have some chance of recreating the environment, but at this point that codebase is so full of holes I'm not sure putting OpenVPN on it would help at all.

Could be relevant