No Router Advertisement with IPQ4018 in DumbAP mode

In recent weeks a strange problem began to affect my laptop: losing default IPv6 route every 30min. Only reconnect WiFi or manually add the disappeared default route back can solve the problem (for a while).

Then I tested Router Advertisement reception with Wireshark. Conclusion is, on wireless connection, the client could only receive the first one or two ICMPv6 packages, no more packages received before the route expires. On wired connections, client can receive the ICMPv6 packages just fine.

In the end, unable to solve the problem on my own, I bought a Netgear WNDR3800. Wireless clients can receive Router Advertisement packages just fine now.

Considering that the additional speed offered by the ath10k based routers isn't necessary for my use case, and WNDR3800 doesn't require any blobs to be fully operational, I'm in the process of replacing all my existing access points with WNDR3800s. Any one interested in EA6350v3 or AC58U?