No ping OpenWrt with Windows 10

1 - I can ping OpenWRT box with my computer Linux/ Debian , no problem
2 - I cannot ping OpenWRT with Windows 10 at first time
3 - with the console /serial ttl i start ping my computer / Windows 10 and immediatly with this machine ping is OK

Can help me ?


Allow ping from your router on your Windows Firewall.

Check your windows 10 settings.

If you did not touch the Windows Firewall, it would not be a problem with this one.
Do not give "solutions" that do not go.

I assume this is to me, since I suggested Windows Firewall.

If you have a firewall enabled in Windows, ping requests are blocked by default.

My suggestion remains:

If I understood vice versa...permit ping on the router from the Windows 10 machine.

i have not firewall software only run Windows Defender

I have invalidate Microsoft Defender and always i cannot ping

i think that is a new problem with W10-1803 as for manage acces to computers by name in network environment ( in this case acces with IP is OK )

For the moment i ssh the box openwrt with a linux computer and i ping my windows 10 machine
Only after i can connect Luci Web Gui

Finally i have found a solution:

1 - Edit rc.local & add a line
sh /etc/config/
exit 0

2 - Edit a file /etc/config/ with
ping -w 30 -c 1 ( adresse of my computer )

I think that is possible to scan for example from to (my network matching) to validate the action for all machines but for the moment it is enough
To see if even services UPNP and DLNA do not pose the same problem ...