No off-topic or general chat section?

Why isn't there an off-topic general chat section to discuss non-Openwrt but related to networking topics?

But this is the general question section…

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I guess it depends how far outside the OpenWrt context you are thinking...

Where there is reasonable connection to OpenWrt, the 'installing and using OpenWrt' section is a good place to ask such questions. For example, if you're using an OpenWrt router with Unifi APs running their stock firmware and you're trying to setup VLANs and multiple SSIDs, I feel that it is sufficiently related to still be on topic within these forums. Or questions about general networking concepts (say VPNs, subnetting/VLANs, customized routing tables, etc.) that can be implemented on OpenWrt systems are also on-topic here, provided that the discussion remains largely high level or dives into detail in the OpenWrt context (this is not the ideal place to study for your CCNA exams).

If the questions veer into how to optimize the settings within the Unifi environment or which stock firmware to use on those devices, I'd refer you to the UI community for that. Or, if you were debating between the TP-Link Omada system and Unifi (with their respective stock firmware/software environments), that would be best discussed on other forums.

Since OpenWrt is often used in mixed-vendor/mixed-firmware environments, there will be natural overlap and reasonable discussion about other environments. The idea is that the topics on this forum should be mainly focused on, or in service of OpenWrt. And, as always, support in general is always 'best effort' by the volunteers who are willing to help (usually support is here is great, but please do realize that nobody here is paid, and the volunteers may or may not have the knowledge, time, or desire to help on any given problem). Likewise, feel free to ask non-OpenWrt questions when there is a practical connection to OpenWrt, but understand that support is not guaranteed, and if it strays too far off topic, you'll probably be directed elsewhere.

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