No noise level for Netgear WAX202 (MediaTek MT7915E radio)

Within Luci the wireless shows no noise level for my associated stations on my Netgear WAX202 running v23.05.0.
When I verify with iwinfo noise has the status "unknown"

I have read that this may have to do with the type of radio, but I do not think it is the case here.

The WAX202 has the MediaTek MT7915E 802.11ac/ax/n.
I also use a TP-Link EAP615 which uses the same type of radio MediaTek MT7915E 802.11ac/ax/n.

The EAP615 however does show the noise level, so it seems not to be the radio.

Could it be an error in the package that can be fixed ? Can this be fixed/corrected ?


Same for RT3200 also with mt7915 but is reported to work on Reyee RG E5 also with mt7915 Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion - #4044 by eginnc

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