No nlbwmon config in luci (snapshot build)

I made my own snapshot for my raspberry pi4.

I did:

mkdir -p files/etc/config
scp root@ files/etc/config/
mkdir -p files/root/
scp -r root@ files/root/

make image PROFILE=rpi-4 PACKAGES="kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 kmod-mt76 kmod-mt76x2u kmod-mt76x02-usb kmod-mt76x2 kmod-mt76-usb kmod-mt76x2-common kmod-mt76x2u luci usbutils wireless-tools pciutils luci-app-nlbwmon sqlite3-cli" FILES=files/

The configuration for nlbwmon Luci ( says:
" This section contains no values yet".

# ps | grep nl
 5622 root      1296 SN   /usr/sbin/nlbwmon -o /root/nlbw -i 12h -r 30s -p /us

so it seems to have loaded the values.

Any idea on what's wrong?

Seems your LuCI feed was not updated to include

In particular you need

Great, thanks.

I'll wait a few days and then rebuild my image. :slight_smile: