No Mount Point entry on Luci

I just installed 18.06.4 on Netgear R6100 but I can not find Mount Point. I tried installs again and same result. Anyone else face this?

Are you talking about mount points for attached storage devices? Have you checked this: ?

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Yes I've faced this. On such devices, I need to install the related drivers/filesystems before the page appears..

I think block-mount is the specific package that brings up Mount Points in Luci if i remember right.

Hi Mike

You are right, the opkg install block-mount made the menu item appear in luci but that still did not show the /dev/sd* on the command prompt.

It installed and gave me a message:

this file has been obsoleted. please call "/sbin/block mount" directly

However the block info did work and it was still not showing the hdd connected to USB.

Then I read the URL indicated by stangiri and I installed

opkg install kmod-usb-storage

Now it is working great.

Many thanks.

Yeah, that message has been there for years when installing block-mount, not sure why, but it always seems to work ok, glad you got it working.

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