No more wireguard package in snapshot?


Linksys mr8300 (arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4) who's still not in Stable Release only in Snapshot.

Version from 24 February (5.4.99) was ok but latest from today (5.4.101)
there is no more wireguard package !

In interfaces for wireguard interface there is :
Unsupported protocol type
Install protocol extensions...

Installed :

We use wireguard every day and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in trouble over that.
I sincerely hope there is a solution to this problem.

Thank you in advance.

  • What are these version numbers you're referencing??? (I assume Kernel, which is of no help)
  • If you're running OpenWrt, please tell us what version you're running

OK -

I see:
And no failures:


The package has been removed as WireGuard has been moved into the kernel tree. See:

The package is simply not needed anymore.

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Thank you all for your answers !

When I wrote the message I was really tired and a bit in panic.
My apologies I had forgotten to reboot after that everything was fine.

I did an upgrade because DNS resolution was broken and didn't realize on the moment it was the DHCP's fault.

I explain what I wanted to do,
PosteX have two network cards Ethernet and Wireless each with a different MAC address, I wanted this computer to have the same IPv4 whatever the card he's connected with.

On snapshot kernel version 5.4.99 when I putted in Network -> DHCP and DNS -> Static Leases
PosteX twice with the same name and IP address with different MAC the DNS resolution was broken.

Same thing with 5.4.101 because after the upgrade problem was still there and had to found out why.

I don't know if this normal or a bug and if it's possible to do what I wanted ?
Why the Linksys MR8300 (ipq40xx) is just in snapshot and not in stable version ?
It doesn't seem possible to generate the wireguard keys and export the configuration files directly in lucy or did I missed something ?

In DHCP and DNS - Static Leases it could be nice to have the possibility like in Firewall - Port Forwards to be able to move the row and change the order.

I didn't understand this issue.

Nope, command line will do...I suppose that's because the mobile device generate them anyways.


Did it change targets recently?

(You may want to make a new thread for these questions.)

Sorry I will create another thread for the other questions. Thank you


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