No Modem Present Error


im Using a Huasifei WS1208V2 Router.
Which Comes out of the Box with GoldenOrb (Which should be an OpenWRT type?)

it has the LuCi Web Interface.

im verry happy with the Router but sometimes, (1x per day sometimes 1x every 2 weeks

it Gets "Unknown Error 37" in System Log and then in Modem Options it says "No Modem Present"

i can only re-activate the Modem bei Turning the Router on and off again.

i Physically unplugged the Modem and plugged it back in because i thought it hat a Bad connection, didnt work.

and all Huasifei Does is sending me Random Firmware Versions hopping back and forth.

2 Questions:

1: Is it possible for the to switch From Huasifeis own Goldenorb open WRT
to just standard "Open Wrt" (im Running a MediaTek MT7621 CPU)

Question 2: if i need to use the Firmware Porvided by manufacturer, can i somehow programm in, that the Router automaticly restarts when it detects "no modem present" for 2-5 Minutes? i can live with the restart, i just hate to have it in this "Fault mode" when im not there By the Router to reset it.

Probably, but there'd be some "source code" hands on required, by you.

if you are able to logon via ssh, or have some other way of accessing the console, it should be
possible to make a script that does that for you.

This is not supported by the official OpenWrt.

You'll need to ask the manufacturer on their support channels.


Sadly i have a good technical understanding but Nothing really in-depth

i can acces the Routers Console via the LuCi Interface.

my Only Problem is this "no modem present" thing thats why i thought mabye switichting to official Open WRT can solve this and is better suported and newer than the Original Firmware

You can ask the manufacturer if there is access via command line (ssh).

The device itself is not supported, so this is moot, unfortunately.

you could try to use something like in Script to auto restart openvpn service - #4 by pavelgl

but issue a reboot instead of a VPN restart, when/if it fails.

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Thanks to all, i just found the "Golden orb" Website which provides newest firmware so i dont need for the manufacturer now. the newest golden orb firmware works fine and also has a automatic router restart integrated

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