No-ip ddns R-7800 DMZ


I've read several articles on the forum but didn't found an answer. I'm using a netgear R-7800 openwrt router in a DMZ of a Livebox modem.
I was wondering if it is possible to configure a ddns from no-ip in the R-7800 router.
I have seen this option in the livebox but if possible, I want my configuration in one place, in case I switch providers.
Or alternatively using myqnapcloud ddns.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

grt tom

Do you have public (or routable) IP address on Livebox WAN ?


Yes, like everyone.

I'll take a look tomorrow, thank you for the link.



Please show the proof then as this is uncommon these days.

Everybody with an internet connection has a public ipadress. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to connect to it.
I'll guess you do mean something else by it?

grt tom

I tried the solution provided in your link but that example is only for a router connected to the internet through bridge and not in DMZ.

In an age where IPv4 addresses have run out and cgNAT having become ubiquitous, many users don't have a (publicly routable) IP(v4) address anymore, preventing incoming connections (everything you would want ddns for) completely.

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