No internet with ThinkPad in my network (Tenda + Cambium - Ubiquiti + Xiaomi)

Hi, guys.

I have the following internet connectivity problem on ThinkPad laptop, my network configuration set up corresponds attached graphic:


  • The goal is to provide Internet from a house in the city centre (AP: Ubiquiti with OpenWRT + Xiaomi router with Padavan and Internet) to another one in the countryside (Client: Cambium + Tenda router -> Thinkpad with WiFi). At the moment, I'm testing with the antennas practically right in front of each other. Max 2 kms of distance.

  • I think link, works. I Have used AP mode on the Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC Gen2 (WA) and Subscriber mode with Wifi Standard on the Cambium Force 180.

  • I have done pings from the Thinkpad and they reach both the Tenda and Cambium, but not the Ubiquiti or the Xiaomi.

  • With the desktop computer, the pings respond to the Xiaomi, Ubiquiti and even the Cambium but not to the Tenda.

  • The Tenda AC10, from the web administration panel indicates failure in the upstream router.

  • And the Cambium has 3 network modes: NAT, bridge and router. Right now, It is in bridge.

I suspect that the problem is in the Tenda and/or Cambium, even Ubiquiti firewall with OpenWRT?. What could it be...?

Best regards and thank you very much for your help.


The easiest way to find out is to setup tcpdump on ubiquity and capture the packets to find out if cambium is forwarding them to it.
Do other devices work fine?

You have everything on the same subnet even though you have two routers involved. I think you need to renumber your networks and provide some static routing info to the xaomi to let it know how to reach the tenda. Have the Tenda not do NAT let all the NAT happen right at the internet transition

Thanks for reply, trendy and dlakelan.

Already solved. I will try to explain step by step, with the configuration of each device in the blue part:

  • ThinkPad connected by Wifi to the Tenda

*DHCP (IP and gateway

  • Tenda connected to the Cambium by WAN port and in normal router mode (no ap)
  • Internet connection via dynamic IP
  • IP and DHCP
  • Cambium
  • Network Mode: NAT and wireless IP assignment: and gateway
  • Ethernet interface: and DHCP:

And the Ubiquiti now has IP, instead of the one in the graph ( and the Cambium instead of

So that's it, now it's time to align and configure the link itself for 1.8 kms of distance (output power, gain and threshold parameters?).

Best regards.

Glad you figured it out but I'm afraid I don't understand from your description.

If it were me, I would set up the LAN of the xiaomi as something like and the WAN of the tenda would be dhcp client to the xiaomi with a static reservation of ... Then the LAN of the Tenda is something like with Tenda not doing NAT. The xiaomi has a static route to via

The cambium and ubiquiti devices would be static IPs in the LAN of the xiaomi device. Hope that helps.

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