No internet over LAN for MR-3020

hello everyone
i have installed openwrt to my tp-link MR-3020 and everything works except i can't bring my internet from my modem to MR-3020's ethernet connection...the internet is only available on wireless AP you know how to solve that issue??

i want configuration like this:

@renoir - your post is a bit confusing... for your LAN, do you want to use wired or wireless connections? And how about your WAN (wired or wireless)?

The MR3020 only has a single ethernet connection. Typically that means that it can only be used as either WAN or LAN, but not both. If your modem is wired to the ethernet port, you want the WAN on the ethernet port, and LAN on wifi. It is possible to have WAN on wifi (if you have an upstream wireless network) and LAN can then be on Wifi, ethernet, or both).

I assume the poster has a USB LTE modem for the WAN.

In that case put the eth0 port into the lan bridge along with the wifi AP and it will have the same network that wifi users do.


Good call @mk24. Forgot about cellular! :slight_smile:

hello, thx for the answer...yeah i have a USB LTE modem , but do you know how to do that?? could you please explain it in detail??
what settings should i change??

i have finally managed to make my ethernet port able to get internet from my modem, all i have to do is just like what @mk24 said...thank you everyone :smiley:

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