No Internet on one device

I was wondering how to connect to proxy from android and couldn't find proxy settings in the browser than I went and changed proxy settings on my phones WIFI connection to and than I have reverted this setting back to Proxy:none

Since I have done this OpenWRT router is not allowing my phone to connect to the internet it is connecting to wifi but no internet

There is an extender and when I connect to the extender same thing connection successful no internet.

I did forget all wifi networks and logged back in with password on my android phone
restarted the phone
restarted the router
/etc/init.d/network restart

Somehow I can access the internet on all devices but not on the phone.
Maybe I need to restart dhcp as it remember proxy setting????? - but not sure how
Pls help is not a valid rfc1918 (private) address, only - are covered by this - you're now stomping over globally assigned -public- address space.


Sorry it was localhost I was trying to figure out connection to localhost via ssh but its reverted to proxy:none

Is there security feature on OpenWrt that is banning clients trying to connect with localhost and blocking my phone from internet?

If there is how do I reset this?

if you set up a proxy on your phone, and then (hopefully) removed it
again, the configuration issue is probably on your phone, not in your
The inability to access internet from only that one device, would back
that statement too.


That tells your phone to use itself ( as the proxy server. Is your phone simultaneously its own proxy?


ok resolved. Issue was with the phone removing proxy did not help (factory reset did help)

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