No internet on Netgear R6100 using PPPOE

I'm new on OpenWrt , i have installed latest Vinson on Netgear R6100 , i edited wan interface to use PPPoe and it has detected the ISP ip also Wan6 became active after that , but the internet is not working (lan range is , wan taken ISP ip and dns ) , if i try to ping there is no answer back but the is translated to the IP, i don't know which step is missing ,i'm using a direct connected cable or wifi both have the same issue , do i need to add a separate interface for PPPOE connection and keep the wan ports DHCP , Please Advice .

Please, give us the details about your configuration.

Vinson means version if me right understand?could be maybe isp is "tied"you by MAC adress and if MAC not match in there system,then no internet for you?

You mean ping form the PC? How about if you ping from the router itself (let that be via LuCI or SSH)?

Typically the default config should work (except that of course you set your WAN interface to the settings required by your ISP.

As @eduperez mentioned, it would help if you show your config. Usually the output of the following commands is a good start. Please use Pre-Formatted text tool </> to include the code, and remember to redact your MAC addresses, any passwords or public IPs.

cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/wireless
cat /etc/config/dhcp
cat /etc/config/firewall