No internet on my secondary router

My problem is that I don't have internet on my secondary router. Here is my setup.

Both laptops run openWRT.
The main is an Archer C7, it has PPPoE connection, and both wireless and ethernet connections through the physical port from my notebook work fine. Firewall rules unchanged since I last reset to factory.

My secondary router is an old TP 1043nd. I connect its WAN port to one of the main router's LAN ports. Factory state except the admin password, SSID name and WPA2-PSK setting.
I connect through ethernet to the laptop (LAN port, not WAN). I start pinging Some pings (~10) go through in succession, then none for some time (~half a minute), then again ~10 go through etc. This is unlike I have ever experienced and I don't have the slightest idea about the reasons. Any ideas what might cause this?

~40 Kbit/s average traffic on the WAN of the main router, and no LAN-only traffic either.

By chance, are both networks numbered


Oh jeez. I've never done such a thing, I am ashamed :smiley:

I don't know what you are using the secondary router for, but if you don't need a separate network for it then you could connect them LAN to LAN and give the secondary router an IP on the main router's network (e.g.


In this case, remember to disable DHCP/DHCPv6 on the secondary router.


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