No Internet on LAN

I haven't tested it, but according to man it should be like this:

# enp1s6




So, you either remove gateway or increase metric.

After this changes i lost connection with PC(

If connectivity matters, you should utilize some failsafe method to edit configuration files.
For example, use a simple delayed rollback:

cp -f -a /etc/systemd/network/eth.{network,bak}
( sleep 200; cp -f -a /etc/systemd/network/eth.{bak,network}; systemctl restart systemd-networkd ) &
# 200 sec to edit and test your config until revert
vi /etc/systemd/network/ && systemctl restart systemd-networkd

Another way is overriding persistent configuration in /etc/systemd/network with temporary configuration in /run/systemd/network and delayed reboot to revert the changes in case of failure.

I have a similar problem with another router (TP-Link C20 v4) which apparently uses the same switch driver (rt305x-esw) and is randomly loosing connectivity to the LAN ports, but Wifi remains working fine.

What I observed when the problem occurs is that looking at Network, Switch I the only port connected and which was previously negotiated at 100Mb, is then negotiated at 10Mb.
If I reconnect the cable to another port the new port negotiates again at 100Mb and connectivity is restored.

I know it seems to be a specific suspect (rt305x-esw) but perhaps someone else was able to observe this behaviour as well or has any hints about it.

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