No Internet on FireTv (PBR related)

Folks apologies already but I'm struggling to determine if this is a problem related to Openwrt OR an Amazon 4k Fire tv stick issue.
I have installed v22.03.3 running Wireguard VPN provided by Keepsolid VPN unlimited running on my R7800. I have one of my wlan interfaces I use purely for a VPN connection. I use policy routing and this all worked great up until a week or two ago. Now 2 x firetv devices both receive their IP settings no problem but neither can connect to the internet. (No problems at all on mobile phones :roll_eyes:)... Anyone else have these issues too ? I'm a bit stumped to say the least.
Connecting to other wlan interfaces the sticks work just fine.
Just discovered Stopping the policy routing service results in the internet connection working but not via VPN if that helps

  • Do you mean blcoked by Amazon from using a VPN?
  • Do you get an error message on the sticks?
  • (i.e. What tells/shows you that you "can't comnect" Internet?)

I wasn't sure if it was Amazon blocking it when I wrote the thread. I was interested to know if anyone else had encountered the issue. When you connect to a WiFi network using the sticks they normally say 'connected' however the status in my insurance says 'no internet'. I have just found that stopping the PBR service ( with do not enforce strict policies enabled) results in the connection being restored although obviously not via the VPN. With that recent find if an admin thinks this thread would be better in the PBR category may I request it be moved.

So I uninstalled the WG interface and reinstalled. Only thing I did differently was name the interface wg0 as opposed to wgvpn previously. All working good now

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