No internet on clients after black out

Hi everyone, I'm really lost, and can't seem to find the issue nor the solution.

Everything was working fine until we suffered a black out, once electricity was back, I cannot get internet in the network. Neither via word or wireless.

But the router it self has internet connection, and I was able to ping, and some other domains from both luci and ssh.

I also can access the rest in the LAN (I've a media server and a printer connected wirelessly, and both are accesible).

I just cannot have connection on any device. Nothing has changed in the configuration, and I'm really lost.

Logread and dmesg show nothing wrong

Is there anything I'm missing?

If internet works on the router, then it might be a DNS issue...
You don't happen to run an external DNS, like pihole.

Thought about it, but if I ping from my laptop, the domain gets resolved. And resolves to the same ip it does in the router.

And if I ping an IP address,I also get 100% lost.

I'm using cloud fares DNS servers (and also tried with Google's)

Is the external DNS distributed to the clients using dhcp, or is the router the only device aware of it?

Try doing a tracert / traceroute from one of your clients to

The only aware of the DNS is the router.

traceroute to any ip is just a long list of * * *, I tried to and

If I do it from the router via ssh, I get 6 hops to each

I finally found out what was going on.

I also have a power line, even though it has a different SSID name, I was being connected to it (presumably, because is the one I use in my home office, where the wifi signal is poor at best).

After checking, I was having my gateway as, and I was not technically going through the router, but some dummy AP (which should have been connected to the router).

I'll now check what could have happened there, but since I don't need it for the time being, my future me will look at it on monday

Thanks for all your help

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