No internet in lan, but internet available in wireless


1- Why there is no internet in lan?
2- why i can access luci in through lan only, but not through wireless?

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LAN needs to be in a firewall zone and change the protocol to static.

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Not nearly enough information here.

It kind of looks like you don’t have the lan assigned in the firewall, but can’t really be sure from an image like that

Post the contents of the following files (as text, not images)


Also, what device are you using and what version of OpenWrt?

In addition to altering the LAN and its firewall zone, please note that the OP is doing a lot of other configs that obviously aren't the default. Configs were requested in other threads too:

We were attempting to solve this in you other threads - you still won't fix your gateway issue. Please stop double and triple posting.


A suggestion for the op (@mnewiraq):

Close your other threads. Reset the router and start from scratch. Openwrt In the default state requires very little configuration beyond the very basics (wireless and maybe the isp connection method and credentials) and will be both secure and robust.

From there, you can make backups of known good configurations as you change other settings or add packages to accomplish whatever else you want. Configuring one thing at a time methodically, step by step) will help you learn how to do the advanced stuff and how to troubleshoot/identify the problems when things go wrong. open specific threads as needed, targeted questions rather than broad/generic inquiries.

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@lleachii @psherman @rj-45

could anyone PLEASE help me through VNC or TeamViewer & WhatsApp.

i made three threads because i am really in bad situation and unable to solve these issues.

your support will be highly appreciated.
will not take too much time.

The fastest and easiest way to fix your problem is to reset to defaults and start fresh.

It is unlikely that anyone is going to be able to help you, for free, on team viewer or otherwise, on New Year’s Eve.

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This is very dangerous. I don't advise offering strangers access to your network.


I also advise a fresh, step-by-step approach to setup. You've asked over 5 questions before solving one issue:

  • DNS - let's fix that
  • WiFi/Ethernet/router Access
  • Internet on LAN/Gateway/Firewall
  • PPPoE settings from your ISP
  • I believe most issues are due to attempting multiple configurations at once, and failing to perform and skipping steps.

Screenshot from 2019-12-31 11-09-01


OK, I "double and triple" what @lleachii and @psherman said, respectively!

I didn't bother much to check your other posts, but looking at the image you posted here, it looks like you are messing around with different things. Fro example, you put the wireless in a bridge with the WAN interface--that's why it survived the lack of firewall zone for the LAN bridge, as it gets its internet form the WAN side, and that's also why it's not letting you access the router form the wireless, because it's on the WAN side.

I don't know your reason for putting the wireless in a bridge with the WAN, and I can't think of one, but in all cases you wouldn't put the same device (i.e. the wireless here), on both LAN and WAN!!

Again, if you do the reset you should have a working configuration that you can then modify to suite your use-case, going step-by-step and testing after each step, so if things go wrong, you know what went wrong before you get too far.
On a separate note, it's a good practice to redact your MAC addresses and any static public IP address you may have.