No internet fresh install Netgear R7800 (LTE, VoLTE, tethering)

I am new to openwrt, just installed it.

I have connecte a o2 homspot ( Modell: Askey RTL 0080W-D112) to the openwrt Router Netgear R7800.
The homespot is running on an sim card without pin, it schould deliver internet to the router and the router to me, but it isnt.

  1. My first question is where can I finde good beginners guid that starts a the bottom.

  2. Secend one is how can i get thi inet up and running with the router.

  3. The third is i need VoLTE can I build a router with this feature my self and openwrt. Or what is the best option, my set up, selfbuild, or router with smartphone and wifi tethering?

Thanks in advance

Treat the homespot the same as any other IP link to the Internet such as a cable modem. So basically the default configuration will work by plugging the WAN port of the router into a LAN port of the homespot, and placing all of your endpoint devices on the LAN side of OpenWrt either wired or wireless. Don't use the wifi of the homespot or the homespot's second Ethernet port for anything.

Watch out though that the homespot is not using the 192.168.1.X IP range, which will collide with the same range being OpenWrt's default LAN. Routing to the Internet will not work without changing one of the networks to a different range.


Thanks, needed to change the lan IP on the openwrt Router

Can you answere my other questions, please?