No internet connection. set up network. help!

i have connected via lan-lan.

when i connect via wan-lan, i can't connect the router via ssh.

i don't really understand all this, i'm still a beginner. so i have 2 routers here in the room with internet connection. i just connected the two routers via wan-lan.

perhaps you should start by telling us what you want to achieve ?

strange... i just turned off the fritzbox and now i can no longer connect via ssh

i had only had my fritzbox in the closet. since i always use a hotspot via my smartphone and this consumes too much battery, i thought i could use usb tethering on the router with my smartphone. but the fritzbox firmware does not offer this function, so i wanted to install openwrt. but this is only available as snapshot version

Pretty sure tethering been available a lot longer than since 21.02, but OK.

But you're talking about two routers .... enlight us.

You have an obvious typo there.


The device has IP from the 192.168.1.x subnet, but you have said that the gateway would be on subnet, while at the same time setting subnet netmask as meaning that 192.168.2.x is unreachable and effectively you have no gateway. (And DNS says

Sounds right if you want to follow the "dumb AP" advice.

Assuming that your main router is and you use LAN-LAN cable ebtween the two routers, you need to set here

  • IP (like now)
  • netmask (like now)
  • gateway (FIX THIS)
  • dns (like now)

Dumb AP advice:

But like frollic says, there is some confusion, as you mention mobile tethering and two routers...


The router with openwrt is a Fritzbox 7360 with an outdated firmware, so it did not work.

Now to the two routers. I have once an EasyBox and an Asus router. The EasyBox router is connected to the internet. From the EasyBox I have connected a LAN cable at the lan port with the Asus router at the wan port.

fix your typo 1st, and we'll take it from there :wink:

(good spotting hnyman!)

Thanks first of all. Now I am not here at the moment. I will get back to you in two hours

If the "main router" Easybox is conneted to the internet, then it should be the one with as the address.
And the OpenWrt router should be connected with LAN-LAN to it and have (or something like that)

If the Easybox has something else, like, you should modify the advice and make the OpenWrt router to be and then point its DNS and gateway settings to the main router at

i can't log into the router via ssh now :frowning:

using LAN cable on ?

ok, i will reset openwrt first. i can't log in anymore. something i did wrong

my easybox router has the following ip and gateway:
IPv4 network

i have now set the following on openwrt

but it does not work yet

/etc/init.d/network restart

if the openwrt device isn't the ISP facing router, WAN shouldn't be PPPoE.

these are my current settings

I have also executed the command /etc/init.d/network restart.
but i still have no connection

and if i log in every time to the router with openwrt via ssh, then i have no wlan on the laptop, until i disconnect the lan cable between laptop and router again

That's pretty normal Windows behaviour.

is the openwrt router the 1st/primary router now ?

no, the easybox is still the main router

then you're back at no internet connection. set up network. help! - #17 by frollic or
no internet connection. set up network. help! - #8 by hnyman

But since your device is a DSL modem/router, with no regular WAN port, dumbap is pretty much the only way to use it, until you replace the Easybox with it.

it doesn't work. i don't know what i'm doing wrong.
here again my setting:

and my WLAN settings: