No internet connection after upgrade from 19.07.0 to 19.07.2

i upgraded my openwrt 19.07.0 to 19.07.2 with my old working settings. After login i saw that openvpn is not installed. So i installed openvpn-openssl and luci-app-openvpn
After vpn is connected there is no internet.
Also a ping is not possible. For example ping to gaves an timeout and the last line reply from ip...: destination port not reachable, but the name was resolved into an Ip-adress
Here the logfile:

and here the line with an option error: Sun Mar 29 19:43:44 2020 daemon.err openvpn(surfshark)[4576]: Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in [PUSH-OPTIONS]:7: block-outside-dns (2.4.7)
Before this update my internet connection is working fine with vpn

Please help me.

Best regards

Hi, i deleted my local dns on pc. And than ping and then i receive this: ping

Please help me.

Looks like firewall related.

Have you actually forwarded your traffic between LAN and VPN zone? Please share your firewall config.