No internet access on WRT3200ACM after upgrade from 19.07.10

I've been continuing to run my WRT3200ACM from OpenWrt version 19.07.10. That version, when flashed to firmware, accesses the internet out-of-the-box.

With each of the subsequent OpenWrt versions, I cannot access the internet out of the box. I've gathered this may be due to a migration from switch to DSA, and so I followed the "Converting to DSA" tutorial here: (My switch configuration is/was the 19.07.10 default, which is indicated on that page). No luck.

LAN works as expected out of the box for OpenWRT versions 21 or greater; it's just internet that's the problem.

My internet setup has the router going through a cable modem to access the internet (Comcast/Xfinity). Under 19.07, I can access the cable modem (at IP address With later versions, I can't.

Any ideas as to how to make 23.05 work with this router to access the internet? I'm at a bit of a loss right now.

Did you attempt to keep settings when you upgraded?

There was a LAN/WAN MAC swap along the way, reboot modem?

This did the trick! Happily browsing the internet via an OpenWrt 23.05 router, now. Thanks very much!

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