No internet access for wifi device after it reconnects

i have this HW: , openwrt [19.07.3] and 2.4g wifi configured for some smart devices to use. Device is communicating to the internet sucesfully only until it power cycles. After that it appeas offline although i can see the device connecting again to the wifi, and having IP assigned (no, not just the ip lease).
Only thing that helps is to restart the wifi radio itself.

I tried following this advice WIFI up, device connected but no internet but allowing igmp snooping didnt help at all.

While I don't have a solution for your problem I would recommend to try out the latest OpenWrt release 19.07.4. Were the issue present on older OpenWrt releases also?

Hi, 19.7.3 was my first release, i just hopped on the openwrt recently, so cant compare. Not yet comfortable to do upgrade, just did some smaller opkg upgrades.
But back to the topic - i didnt identify the problem correctly, it seems that the IP is not assigned actually. When the reconnect happend longer time apart frome the first connection, the device didnt get an IP. Just associates with the wifi without the IP.
In my first observations i saw ip assigned to the associated device after reconnect because the lease was still active.

Does the restart of dnsmasq improve anything?

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

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What did you upgrade. Was it running without any issue before?

the issue was present even before updating the packages and didnt go away after update.. i've updated everything that luci gui offered (luci-*, busybox, firewall, some librarires)

  1. Never upgrade all packages luci is offering you. The concept of OpenWrt is not made for doing upgrade/update within an "installation" because it is an image file based system. This leads to unexpected behaviour often (mostly kernel/modules related; just search the forum) and is consuming flash space which is often tight on many devices. So you could run out of space easy.
    If you want to upgrade regularly or having the latest development go with snapshots. If there are security issues with a stable release you will get informations here (probably including informations what to do (upgrading specific packages) or either a renewed release image including fixes):
  1. You could upgrade to the latest stable version 19.7.4 and see if issues got fixed. A lot better approach instead updating packages. :wink:

  2. If it does not solve the issue you could write just three lines into /etc/rc.local to restart wifi right after reboot:

sleep 60 # to wait for router finishing startup
/sbin/wifi down
/sbin/wifi start

thanks for the tips. hopefully the config will be intact after version upgrade. For now, i just mapped the WPS button to wifi radio1 toggle