No idea how to add subnets(?) to my home network

I have 4 TP-LINK C2600 routers, all running OpenWRT 4.14.171.

  1. One is set up as the router (router) for my home network.
  2. The other three are access points (AP) throughout the house. The AP's:
  • are connected via one of the "LAN" RJ-45's rather than their "internet" RJ-45
  • have a hard-wired IP address so that I can access them via ssh
  • have the same AP credentials so you can wander throughout the house with a single login
  1. The router and all AP's have both wireless radios activated (2.4 and 5 GHz.).
  2. There is a single switch that is:
  • co-located with the router
  • hard-wired to all routers

My goal is to have two distinct networks. One for my IOT devices and guests (guest network), the other for my family and "safe" devices (home network). I would like all of the wired devices to be on my home network (although it would be most excellent if I could put a couple on my guest network, but that may be too much of a stretch.)

So my questions are:
How do I go about getting started?
What questions should I be asking?
What terminology should I be using so I look in the right places?

thanks in advance!

You can create new SSIDs, and replicate them on all routers, the trick here is how to connected several isolated networks over a single ethernet cable. And the answer is using VLANs and trunking.

I think this is enough as a starting point, ask if you need more details (I have a similar setup).

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