No graphs from Luci statistics, Collectd/RRDTool issues

I have just loaded OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292 / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.170.32094-4d6d8bc) on to my Linksys wrt=32X and having reloaded the appropriate packages for the statistics, I have no output. I have spent time going through the various articles both here and elsewhere and the situation has not improved!

I need help, I welcome suggestions on changes I should make, but I would really like suggestion on things that I can do to further diagnose the issue, for example, in the Collectd settings page there is a line Used PID file which has the value /var/run/, I assume this file is created when collectd starts however this file is missing, I have no idea if this is significant?

Looking forward to your input, Tim.

In my experience, I have found collects/rrdtool very "sensitive" to the configuration, and it easily stoped working when I played with the parameters.

I would recommend to revert all files and folders to the default values, then let it run for a while to see it it works. You can also follow the scripts that govern both applications, and try to see where if fails.

Thanks, I have already tried resetting everything to the default (installation) values and it didn't solve the problem. You suggest that I follow the scripts that control the applications, do you have any helpful suggestions on how to do this?

Have you checked that the service is enabled and connectd gets started?

Is your problem about not displaying data (LuCI functionality) or about data collection not running (collectd)? Check if you have the rrd database in /tmp/rrd

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Probably no that helpful, but... start with the scripts at "/etc/unit.d", see what binaries they launch, and try to launch them by hand, checking the parameters, files, and folders they use.

I think he meant "/etc/init.d".

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Thanks... autocorrect!

I had a similar problem, in my case collectd wasn't running, because once I removed all the modules and reinstalled them, only I forgot to install a single module, that was included in the configuration file. After installing the missing module it could be started and data got collected and the graphs were generated,