No files on mounted storage after sysupgrade

I have lost all the files on mounted disk after sysupgrade.
Device is BPI-R3, have installed nvme disk with auto mount. After sysupgrade it seems that all files wiped out and configs were recreated for packages granted to specific directories (e.g. transmission, nlbwmon, rrd)

What I did wrong ? And how to overcome this next time ? Thank you!

Sysupgrade via LuCI or CLI works by optionally saving specified configuration files, WIPING THE ENTIRE FILESYSTEM , installing the new version of OpenWrt and then restoring back the saved configuration files. This means that any parts of the file system that are not specifically saved will be lost.

Any configuration files or data files placed in locations not specifically listed as being preserved below will also be lost in an OpenWrt upgrade. Be sure to check any files you have added or customized from a default OpenWrt install to back up these items before an upgrade.

Yes OpenWRT upgrades are not like any other linux distros or router firmware.
Next time read this as well.

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This is not applicable to my case. I have found out that device was not mounted and instead of it /mnt/nvme0n1 pointed to overlay
I have successfully mounted my disk and discovered my files. The question now is only why fstab have not automounted my disk but overlay instead, although at first glance I have proper entries for it.

config global
	option anon_swap '0'
	option anon_mount '0'
	option auto_swap '1'
	option auto_mount '1'
	option delay_root '5'
	option check_fs '0'

config mount
	option target '/rom'
	option uuid '127c5c16-e79be9c7-4e2e2fec-a91ec57d'
	option enabled '0'

config mount
	option target '/overlay'
	option uuid '8d9dbb45-4f18-4524-875b-9526a2970a9d'
	option enabled '0'

config mount
	option target '/mnt/nvme0n1'
	option uuid '5b024478-14ef-4418-8f7a-e5c1d3c6f809'
	option enabled '1'
	option 'options' 'rw,umask=000'

it is, but at the moment I have left mount command in local startup config.

Answering my own question. There is a bug in BPI-R3 in 5.15 that nvme disk is not recognized upon first hard power cycle, but is being discovered upon reboot. Should keep it in mind

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