No factory install for AVM FritzBox 7320?


I'm stuck with the installation of OpenWRT on my AVM FritzBox 7320 in the very first steps.

I following the Quick Start Guide in the Documentation, to do a first-time factory installation.
My problem is, that i cannot find any kind of a install URL or a *factory.bin / .img file. My Device is listed in the Table of Hardware but in the techdata there is only written a "Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL". Following the link to his directory there only two files "...-avm_fritz7320-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" and "avm_fritz7320-initramfs-kernel.bin". With both files it is not possible to flash the firmnware from the original AVM WebGUI, more or less sure because i understand it this way this two files are only for an update.

Where do i finde the files for a first time factory installation?

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There is no factory image that you can flash from stock web ui on avm devices as they are signed!

You have to use the tftp method...

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Okay, and which file shut i use? avm_fritz7320-initramfs-kernel.bin or avm_fritz7320-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin


The initram image does have it's root filesystem in ram and will always reset to default after a reboot.

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