No factory image built for Comfast-CF E320N

I am able to successfully build the image for Comfast-CF E320N.. The problem is only sysupgrade image gets created , not the factory image.. I do understand that Comfast devices come with OpenWRT/LEDE installed and so only sysupgrade image will be created.. But the thing is , I am planning to approach them for OEM and hence I will have to provide my factory image so they can directly flash it on the device.

Could I override the existing configuration so that the factory image gets generated as well ?

You don't need a factory image for that, sysupgrade will work just fine as soon as the whole firmware partition is erased before (e.g. there is no old firmware jffs2 rootfs_data left on flash).

cool.. sounds good.. so it is perfectly fine if i give them the sysupgrade file and ask them to apply it on a clean firmware partition.. Thanks a lot pepe2k .. Appreciate ur help..