No factory image anymore for Ubnt Edgerouter X for OpenWrt 19


we are creating freifunk firmware for Ubnt Edgerouter X and since lede firmware no factory image is created anymore.
Only kernel and sysupgrade files are available.
The factory image was previously accepted by original UBNT routers web gui. And it was also accepted by command line (ssh) command "add system image ..."

This was the only way to flash this router without opening the housing and use serial adapter.
We like to keep upgrading firmware from original firmware to openwrt simple.

Makefiles for mt7621 target has not changed much. There is still a make target definition for "factory-image". But it seems that this is not called or only a part of is used to generate images.
Since lede until current openwrt version 19 or snapshot, no factory image is created. In download section of there is also no factory image for download.

How can I "enable" generating this factory image again in build system?
Thanks a lot.

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Let me bump this.

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hi, the issue is different. the factory image is not created at all. which is a problem.
the issue that you referring to is about file extension of sysupgrade file. this is still generated but can not be used for flashing via original firmware or tftp.
we still looking for a fix.
thanks a lot

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