No factory.bin file for Archer C50 v4?

I am trying to install OpenWrt in my TP Link Archer C50 v4 but I can't find any factory.bin file, only a sysupgrade.bin and a kernel.bin in v21.02.0-rc3. In the device page, there is a paragraph called "v4 and v5 instructions" that shows a procedure to convert a sysupgrade.bin file to a recovery.bin file. It says that the sysupgrade file should be called owrt.bin but the one I have found for my device isn't. What should I do?

Have you studied the wiki page for instructions on how to build your own factory image?

Alternatively, you could use my prebuilt C50 v4 factory image linked in same wiki. Once openwrt is installed, you can then upgrade to latest 21.02 sysupgrade image with luci.

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That's the page I was refering to. It says I need a owrt.bin file as a sysupgrade file but the one I found for this device isn't called exactly the same. Should I use it?

Did you read what comes after?

Rename, FTW.

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