No download available for any ipq806x generic device - Error 404

I wanted to download firmware for a TP Link Archer C2600 but none of files to download from the LEDE project download server could be downloaded (Got an NGinx 404 error).

  • Firmware LEDE Install URL
  • Firmware LEDE Upgrade URL

Then I went to the more generic ipq806x generic download page which actually contains as well links to the 2 aforementioned files, and actually none of the file there could be downloaded (same Nginx error), I mean not only for C2600, but any other device...

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Yeah. I saw that too. And I was searching for the R7800.

Finally found an alternative. You can use the mirrors:

I actually used the french https mirror and found my firmware. You can verify the SHA256 using the official download page (even if links are broken, sums are there...)

There is some sort of name mangling happening on our download site. The link is correct but it looks like the filename containing lede-xxx is being renamed to openwrt-xxx which is not there - hence the 404 reward.

I think that there are some name transformations happening "as we speak" dealing with the re-merge of lede and openwrt. Please be patient...

I think that jow fixed it in response to my bug, but it will take a while until phase1 buildbot has built all targets again.

I just thought of something. You can always try the mirrors as well.

Was exactly what I suggested to you after you first post...