No 'DHCP and DNS' dropdown option


I have installed the Linksys E8450 (UBI) version 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e.

Under the NETWORK dropdown at top there use to be a 'DHCP and DNS' option where I could pick a STATIC LEASES option that is no longer there. Did it get moved? I use it to set static leases of most of my devices.


it's still there on my 22.03.5.

Do you still have dnsmasq installed in the firmware?

dnsmasq is installed and I have file /etc/config/dhcp with contents.

I am guessing Attended Sysupgrade was not perfect. I waited for about 30 minutes but upgrading message was still on screen when I rebooted router.

Traced to misspelled 'option' line using this command:

uci show dhcp >/dev/null

All is well now.


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