No build for TP-Link WDR4900

Hey there.

I have a couple of TP-Link 4900 v1 mpc85xx, which seems to have disappeared from official builds recently.

In 21.02.3, the device was a mpc85xx p1010:

In current snapshots, it has become a mpc85xx generic:

In all 22.03 RCs, the device is no p1010 and there is no generic, which means there is no 22.03 build:

To be honest, I have no clue how to read OpenWRT build configuration. I can not make any sense of this device having moved from p1010 to generic, nor of not having no generic folder there in 22.03 RCs.

What does that mean for the upcoming 22.03 release? Can I still hope for this device to be included?


See topic from yesterday:

Note you need a bootloader modification to use the master images.

I have amended your topic title to the full model name, to avoid confusion.

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Dang, didn't see that. I searched for "4900" here but obviously I should have searched for WDR4900.
Thank you for pointing that out.

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FYI, the snapshot images you found are old images (May 18th). That day the WDR4900 images were disabled, so the buildbot hasn't built any newer images. I suppose the images still there is an oversight, looks like they get replaced rather than removed. I was a bit surprised to see master images, since on master it's disabled just like on 22.03, but the date of the snapshot image matches the date the builds got disabled...

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