No alternative for Pseudo-adhoc?

Here in the forums someone said:
"The IBSS (adhoc) mode of madwifi did not allow running an AP on the same radio. The ahdemo mode does.

All this is long obsolete. Though adhoc still exists, modern mesh deployments tend to use 802.11s, either with internal routing or BATMANadv as a separate layer."

Currently only adhoc works, but I really wish to use the Pseudo-adhoc feature that I can have both AP running and adhoc on the same radio.
Unfortunately, after choosing Pseudo-adhoc option it just doesn't want to run (wireless not associated). I added Pseudo-adhoc on 2 routers so they can join, but I assume that madwifi driver isn't included by default in the kernel as it is superseded by athk9. If that speculation is right, well from where should I include the madwifi driver when doing "make menuconfig" ?
I tried 802.11s again on both routers but as soon as the mesh network is turned on, the AP dies, so seems like Pseudo-adhoc is exactly what I want.

Neither madwifi nor pseudo ad hoc are supported anymore and there is no replacement for it.

I thought that ath9k supports AP simultaneously with mesh or adhoc. In mesh operations, the channel must be locked to a specific number not auto.

Yes, you are right on the mesh part only. I did iw list and it says that AP and mesh could be combined up to 8 interfaces on my routers. Well, I just started fighting with it how to ping 2 mesh enabled routers on the mesh network with assigned static ips. I try with wpad-basic. I read that it is not best choice but this wpad should be working too ?

Ideally I will be able to replicate the function of Pseudo-adhoc with mesh.
The thing is that 2 routers are client STA to main AP and I want mesh configuration between the STAs that if one of them drops the connection to the AP, the other will still provide path to the gateway IP (internet) of the AP. I lost a day to find a solution.
mwan may be used but i have to reach to that phase. So far i can't ping mesh1 with mesh2.

Where did you choose the "Pseudo-adhoc option"? It is, as @jow says, not supported.
Are you running a very old version of Openwrt? What hardware is it?

For all modern OpenWrt firmwares, afaik this only happens with a Broadcom wireless chipset or some usb wifi dongles.

We need to know what you have to be able to help.

No, you need at least wpad-mesh-mbedtls.

Try reading: