Nlbwmon does not monitor devices connected via VPN

Hey guys...

I'm monitoring the internet consumption of my devices using nlbwmon... it works very well on the local network with the default configuration of my network and the configuration in nlbwmon itself (

I noticed that the devices that connect to my router via the OpenVPN server (tun0), with the network configured at are not monitored.

Theoretically, using the default configuration (, it should cover my network completely, from
up to 192,168,255,254, right?

Could you tell me how I could configure nlbwmon to "see and monitor" the devices that connect to my network through the VPN?


Do you have 'tun0' included in the list of monitored interfaces, in the nlbwmon configuration?


Thanks for you reply @iplaywithtoys

Sorry for delay, I have problems with my equipments!

How could you do this configuration? Can you help me?

The IP address that my devices use on the VPN is set to

nlbwmon is configured with these ranges:

And it only sees the lan interface through the graphical interface, but through the configuration file, I added the "tun0...

config nlbwmon
	option netlink_buffer_size '524288'
	option commit_interval '5min'
	option refresh_interval '30s'
	option database_directory '/mnt/sda1/horus/data/nlbwmon'
	option database_generations '0'
	option database_interval '1'
	option database_limit '0'
	option protocol_database '/usr/share/nlbwmon/protocols'
	list local_network ''
	list local_network ''
	list local_network ''
	list local_network 'lan'
	list local_network 'tun0'