Nl80211 not found after upgrade

hi there
i install my custom openwrt in 8 uinfi-ac-mesh its work fine with 6 of theme but i have problem with 2 aps from them my problem is with wireless when i use iw list or any other wireless tools i get this error:

nl80211 not found.

i try to install libnl , libnl-tiny , kmod-cfg80211 but its same
and try to install openwrt snapshot but its same

any idea ?

Check your build configuration for missing dependencies, start with a clean slate in your buildroot, and it would help if you'd say what branch you're running.

did u think the problem with with my build ? but why the same build work fine with 6 aps and didn't work with these 2 aps only .

There's no way to say for sure until you double check it. 'Leave no stone unturned' as the saying goes :wink:

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