NKN a bandwidth sharing software now ported to OpenWrt

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NKN (New Kind of Network) is an open source blockchain powered P2P communication network, and we recently developed a PoC showing how a full NKN node can be run on a wireless router using OpenWrt.

By running NKN nodes on a wireless router, users can share their network connections and earn rewards. In fact, today, we have over 4,000 nodes running globally on a number of different platforms. As such, we would be interested in collaborating with the OpenWrt community and see how we could further bring NKN's network stack to other OpenWrt based wireless gateways to improve connectivity as well as offsite the cost of providing service through rewards.

Please check out our Website and Github and if your interested in helping us collaborate with the OpenWrt community please contact me at: allen.dixon@nkn.org. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Allen Dixon


We have some major updates on running NKN full node software on OpenWRT router: now with simple script and GUI management interface. So it is easier than ever to run.

What is NKN

NKN, short for New Kind of Network, is a bandwidth or connectivity sharing service built on top of a public blockchain. By helping other people relay traffic, NKN node operator can earn rewards in the format of NKN tokens. Typically use cases running on top of NKN are decentralized CDN (Content Delivery Network), real-time messaging, web accelerator, and streaming service.

Router requirements

The NKN node software can run on most mid-tier routers with latest 18.06 release of OpenWRT software. We support both MIPS and ARM architecture, require at least 256MB RAM and 8GB of storage (e.g. via external USB stick or plug-in microSD cards). The resource usage is quite modest both in terms of CPU and network bandwidth, so it should not impact your normal use of the WiFi and routing function. We do need more storage for the blockchain data, which increases over time.

You can find the full instructions here:

And for a primer on what is NKN and what does mining mean in NKN context:

And all our software are open source on GitHub: