NitroWall NW678


NitroWall With Fast i7 CPU, WiFi 5, OpenWrt

We are pleased to present the new powerful NitroWall NW678 with WLAN! For the first time with WiFi 5 and OpenWrt, the NitroWall is suitable as an wifi access point. Equipped with a Intel Quadcore i7-8550U CPU and up to 32 GB RAM, the NitroWall can be used as a fast VPN gateway and powerful firewall or Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Optionally with OpenWrt or OPNsense. Trustworthy thanks to open source firmware and software. For professional users with professional requirements.

Can I install stock OpenWrt?
I think not, because nothing found in forum.

754.00 €

I’d say it’s worth an email to their customer service. Ask them if their OpenWRT is vendor proprietary or not?

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An i7-8550U to run 6x gigabit ports ?

Slightly overkill, isn't it ?
750€ on top of that...


So far no answer from support. Lets wait.

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In the drop down where you can select os, it says openwrt.

I guess if they tell us what model the nic/wireless are, can see if it's supported on stock.

I agree with frollic, seems overkill. But I guess you're planning on running other things on it too?