Nice 1U x86 Router bare-bones from Innovision

Nice bit of kit from Innovision on AliExpress for anyone considering a high-end x86 router/firewall setup.

Not cheap, but covers your chassis, motherboard, 6x 1Gbps LAN and 2x 10Gbps LAN/WAN.

DDR3 memory and 1U PSUs can be obtained very cheaply from salvage kit on eBay.

Not even posting real product pictures, do I smell vaporware ?

I've purchased other kit from them on their AliExpress store and been very pleased, including this NAS chassis:

As the product is customizable I suspect that is why they haven't posted actual images. Their customer support is good, if you contact them they will probably send you photos if you want.

no thnx,

it's ridiculously overpriced, considering it's using an 11 years old Intel arch - Sandy bridge.


Fair enough. I'm not pushing it, just sharing the info!

If you price up the sub-components as new, it's not overpriced, but I agree, it's not cheap either.

Chassis: ~$150
Motherboard: ~$150
Intel 82599ES chipset + 10G SFP hardware: ~$250
Intel 82574L chipset + passthrough port hardware: ~$100
Total: $650

You could certainly build someting cheaper if you bought parts off eBay, but as a new product it's about right.

Probably, but who'd want a "new" 11 years old mobo, RAM and CPU ?
You can probably get new, "up to date" components ----^, for the same price.

I can see we're not going to agree on this one, but I'll just close by saying that it's not unusual to use older generation hardware in network devices/applicances especially if it's part of Intel's long-term-support hardware line. This is because it's tried and tested and known to be long-term reliable.

New chipsets come with a lot of unknowns and potential reliability issues. Just look at the Intel C2000 nightmare, where Intel started selling a new chipset recommended for embedded devices, only to discover a few years later the chips stopped working after about 4-5 years due to a design flaw.

I don't disagree with the thinking, I use an old C226 + 1285Lv4 as router, it's the price tag that's hard to swallow :slight_smile:

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