Nginx virtualhost configuration

removing uhttpd, installing nginx and making luci to work with nginx was a piece of cake.

adding a virtual server .... pain

added example.lan to network / dns / hosts
added server entry in /etc/confing/nginx
added location at /etc/nginx/conf.d/example.lan.locations

http://example.lan redirects to http://example.lan/cgi-bin/luci and it loads 404
404 means that somehow the virtual hosts exists but http://example.lan/index.html is loaded from the _lan server

any suggestion will be highly appreciated

config server 'example'
	list listen '80'
	option server_name 'example.lan www.example.lan'
        list location '/ {root /www/example; index: index.html;}'
location / 	{
	root /www/example;
	index index.html;