Nginx stream for tcp traffic

I'm trying to use nginx as reverse proxy for tcp traffic. I use it for http traffic and that works well. Now I also want to use it for TCP traffic.
I read that it can do that by specifing a stream.
Something like:

stream {
    server {

Unfortunately I'm unable to configure this. With the recommended config the nginx does not seem to be starting.
Has anyone done this with nginx on openwrt?

Is the ngx_stream_proxy_module compiled and included in OpenWrt builds?

No idea. Maybe not and that's the reason it fails. Is there a way to include it?

If you want to add only the stream module, you have to compile it yourself (you can configure nginx or nginx-ssl through make menuconfig). There would be the pre-compiled package nginx-all-module that should include it (beside all other modules). Is that working?

opkg update && opkg remove nginx* && opkg install nginx-all-module