NGINX Proxy Manager on a VPS

I have set up two VPS at a Service Provider:

  1. The first one is running OpenWRT.
  2. The second one is running Linux Debian and uses Docker / Portainer Stack definitions.

Both VPS are interconnected via VLAN and the OpenWRT-VPS gives the Debian-VPS access to the internet and a local IP-Adresse ( OpenWRT is have the IP address locally.

I have of course a domain, called and it is pointing to the OpenWRT-VPS. If I type in the address in the browser, I see the LuCI interface. (I have strong passwords.)

Now I want to forward HTTP/HTTPS traffic to the Debian-VPS, where NGINX Proxy Manager is running. I‘d like to use sub domains like to interact with Containers running on the Debian-VPS.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to set up a traffic route allowing WAN->LAN on port 443/80.

Is there any guidance on this issue?

Would be much safer to stash luci/uhttpd to localhost and set up ssh with publickey auth.
Other part does not pertain openwrt at all.

I agree, SSH secure by keys is important for securing the router itself.

Any idea how to pass traffic to the NGINX Proxy Manager behind?
(I am especially looking for services, that my phone can access. Cal, contacts, Add blocker.)

Openwrt is not involved with that part of YOUR setup.

As this question is addressing firewall and routing settings inside OpenWRT, is there a different place to request help?

I have no idea what is nginx proxy manager in bold.

for nginx webserver you need to forward ports via firewall

NGINX Proxy Manager is a software, in most cases dockerized, which extends the standard NGINX reverse proxy with a administrative UI, by default listening on port 81. This UI allows setting up subdomains easily with optional features like Access Control Lists and Let‘s Encrypt certificates.

So Openwrt is completely transparent in its regard. If you set up port forward and new DNS record you get new site to your debian nginx.