NFS vs Samba on OpenWrt?

Since Homeassistant has added NAS support for backup, share and media, I would like to know which one should be used as a mini NAS server using OpenWrt, Samba or NFS on a device with 128/128 MB memory and storage? A USB will be attached for storage.

I'd use NFS, samba4 is a resource hog.


From the performance viewpoint, if ksmbd works for you, it doesn't matter. And, unlike samba4, it is not a resource hog. Also, unlike NFS, it is configurable via Luci.

OTOH, if you need to access the share from Windows 11 Home, you have no choice except to install samba4 or ksmbd (again - if it works).

From the cybersecurity viewpoint, please avoid ksmbd. Remote code execution vulnerabilities are found quite often. That's why I have both NFS and samba4 on my Linksys E8450 router.


I use ksmbd works and is fast and no resource hog.

But maybe the OP is not using OpenWRT ?:

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As for usage on HA

@egc I am using both OpenWrt and Freshtomato, and indeed thinking of using both with HA since it allows multiple servers for backup, share or media role.

WNDR4300V2 for openwrt
Asus RT-68U for Freshtomato.

In that case I would research NFS :slight_smile:

Samba on FT and NFS on openwrt? for testing?

If all participants support NFS and OpenWRT and FT do:

Why not use NFS for all?

I posted in the setting in that thread; are those correct?

Edit: NFS On fresh tomato was a breeze, all from GUI. Now will try to set up OpenWrt.

how it doesn't work?

In some OpenWrt versions, it crashed (kernel panic) with some clients.

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