NFS vers=4.1 or 4.2?

Anyone else have NFS enabled on their LEDE install? Things work great if reading from but as soon as I try to write too; transfer starts, then halts a few seconds later, then a few seconds later resumes again, until it eventually halts my ubuntu pc... Wondering if these later versions would yield better result on file transfer writes over NFS... Is there a way to add support for these llmore recent NFS builds?

Reads work wonderfully well over wifi

I don't know about on LEDE, but I use NFS 4.1 via TCPv6 with Kerberos security for my home directory on my main PC and to share media on media PCs and other places... it's great to have a relatively universal file system. NFS 4.x works well.

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Thanks, good to know:)

sudo rpcinfo |egrep "service|nfs" reports only ver 3 is supported.

sudo mount -t nfs4 /mnt/NFS/Downloads
mount.nfs4: Protocol not supported

I should add, my build contains the commit;

which should "allows mounting nfs4 volumes"

Anyone know how to get nfs4 working?

I run Debian on the server where I serve my stuff. I configure /etc/default/nfs-common to start up idmapd (required for v4) and gssd (required for kerberos), I put my exports in /etc/exports, and I open port 2049 udp and tcp, then I just mount the filesystem from the client specifying nfs4 file type and options vers=4.1,proto=tcp6,sec=krb5p voila it works.

EDIT: also I edit the server's /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server to tell it NEED_SVCGSSD="yes" (for Kerberos exports)

Obviously on OpenWRT the configs are probably in different places, but look for enabling those kinds of options.

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