NFS instead of USB

Hey guys,

long story short I needed something for monitoring and limit internet per device.
So, I've installed OpenWRT v18 on my WR940N v4

For monitoring, I will use yamon and for the limit, I will use iptables inside the firewall.
I'm open for suggestions regarding those packages.

Then I faced the problem which is my router has no USB.
and because I'm a Mac user I will go with NFS.
so I will be able to share folder from my mac with OpenWRT for packages and tmp.
I already made the setup for NFS server on the mac.
but I have no idea how to make it and mount it on OpenWRT.

# opkg find "*nfs*"
kmod-fs-nfs - 4.9.111-1 - Kernel module for NFS client support
kmod-fs-nfs-common - 4.9.111-1 - Common NFS filesystem modules
kmod-fs-nfs-common-rpcsec - 4.9.111-1 - Kernel modules for NFS Secure RPC
kmod-fs-nfs-v3 - 4.9.111-1 - Kernel module for NFS v3 client support
kmod-fs-nfs-v4 - 4.9.111-1 - Kernel module for NFS v4 support
kmod-fs-nfsd - 4.9.111-1 - Kernel module for NFS kernel server support
nfs-kernel-server - 2.3.1-1 - Kernel NFS server support
nfs-kernel-server-utils - 2.3.1-1 - NFS server utils
nfs-utils - 2.3.1-1 - Updated mount.nfs command - allows mounting nfs4 volumes

Looks like nfs-utils is what you need

ok sounds great, i found a lot of packages for nfs. so that will solve my first problem.
what i’m gonna do after install nfs-utils
thanks in advance

User Guide is helpful most days

the first link redirect to removed article

Did you get YAMon up and running with NFS? If yes, can you send me the steps so that I can post them for other users?



i couldn’t, i did search for a lot of time with no luck finding a document or an article